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Air Conditioning

        As summer temperatures soar, you can depend on our Elite Technicians to provide comfort to your home. Elite Air of Texas offers affordable prices with elite services to our respected customers. Our service department consists of highly trained and experienced staff members. We will not only discuss your options after your diagnoses, we will will provide you with photos to help you better understand our findings. As a company, we take pride in earning your trust and providing you with the best customer service possible. Contact us and allow one of our knowledgeable, skilled, and integral technicians serve you!

When To Call For Repairs? 

   A malfunctioning Air Conditioner is one of the last thing you would like to deal with during a heat wave. Please schedule your appointment when experiencing noisy equipment, weak airflow, short cycling, inconsistent temperatures, and humidity control. Our specialized technicians are ready to assist you and restore the comfort to your home. 


 Please be aware by not eliminating these issues it could escalate to deeper complications such as;

  • An excessive increase in your monthly energy bill.
  • Your AC unit spontaneously stop working.

  • Your HVAC system's life expectancy shortening from its full potential.

  • A list of compounding issues presented to you. An HVAC system is composed of intertwining parts working together. One part fails, if not addressed it could lead to additional costly failures or can be damaged beyond repair.



      Don't wait unit your you HVAC system stops working! Beat the heat and schedule your appointment with our experts. Have one of our Elite Technicians diagnose your AC and provide you with an accurate quote. Our experts will go over your options while showing the effected component. There is no hassle or pressure. We treat our customers with honesty and respect. 


Ask us about our preventative service agreement!

We are Trane Dealers.
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What Are the Benefits of Replacing Your Old Unit?

   Are you wondering if your HVAC system should be repaired or replaced? The life expectancy of an HVAC unit is approximally 10-15 years. As your A/C unit grows older mechanical components may become obsolete as major components may start to fail. Frequent breakdowns mean costly added repairs. Over time it's more economical to replace the unit. Allow me to explain. Did you know by installing a new unit you will automatically gain a five-year manufacture warranty on parts?

   Here are some benefits that may not have crossed your mind and need to be considered: 

  • You will have fewer major repair bills.

  • No Stress of sudden breakdowns.

  • Notice a decrease in your utility bill due to less energy usage.

  • Smoother and quieter operating system.

  • Uniformed temperature and humidity.


   Do I have your attention yet? Elite Air of Texas is a licensed dealer and has strong relationships with the leading manufacturing HVAC industries. As a dealer we can register your unit and expand your manufacture warranty to 10-years! Have one of our experts examine your unit and provide you with a precised quote. No surprises and no pressure!

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