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Ductless Mini-split Systems

   Mini split systems are ductless, high efficiency electric heat-pump systems designed to heat and cool your living space within half a degree. One of the benefits of installing a ductless mini split is that it uses up to 40 percent less energy than your traditional duct systems. They can be installed in just about any living space in your home. There are two types of ductless systems, there are singe stage or multi-zoned systems. Depending on the space or needs our experts will provide their professional insight which type suits you.

How Does A Ductless System Work?


 Unlike a central HVAC system that relies on indoor ducts to transfer air, a ductless mini-split system blows air directly into a single room along a wall- or ceiling-mounted blower. The blower attaches to an outdoor condenser unit through exterior pipes (hence the system is "split").This allows you to control a zone or room's temperature while persevering the integrity of your homes architecture. There is no carving out spaces for duct or vents and whisper quiet unlike other loud air conditioners. 




Where Would I Benefit Installing a Ductless Duct System?

  Mini-splits are excellent choice for room additions or selective-area climate control, such as...

  • additions or home remodeling

  • finishing off a basement or an attic

  • Heating or cooling a home without duct 

  • solves hot and cold spots in the room

  • great for enclosed patio, porch, or sunrooms.

  • guest houses

  • workshops

  • garages and much more!

   Allow our  HVAC professionals provide you with innovating ductless  solutions for your home!!

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